Buy Beyond Mobile™ Dual SIM Card

The Beyond-Mobile SIM Card is Dual Number SIM Card technically known as a Multi IMSI SIM. The SIM has a USA+1 and a UK+44 Number assigned to it making it extremely convenient for those who travel between Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

An innovative mobile service specifically designed to reduce the cost of mobile telephone calls for international travellers. The Beyond-Mobile Dual SIM provides the convenience of two global phone Numbers on One Sim Card and world-wide roaming at affordable rates. 

Calls can be received in Nigeria and globally on either the USA+1 or the UK+44 Number,Beyond-Mobile Dual SIM Cards offers free incoming calls in over 65 Countries,Nigeria Inclusive and works in over 200 countries on over 550+ Networks around the world,so you can be sure of Great Coverage.

You can receive calls for free while friends, family and business associates in US or UK calls you at local rates.You can choose either the USA+1 Number or the UK+44 Number as CALLER ID.

Compatible with any Multi-band GSM mobile phone that is unlocked,Fits All Handsets including iPhone4 and iPads which use MicroSIMs,Easy to use – just insert the SIM Card in your mobile phone – and start saving.

To Purchase The USA+1 & UK+44 Dual SIM Card
Price is N13,000 (Inc. £10 Call Credit)
» Receive calls FREE in over 65 countries, incl. All EU countries When UK Number is Called
» Receive calls FREE in Nigeria and other major African countries When UK Number is Called
» Receive calls for FREE in USA, Canada when UK number is called
» SIM Will pay for itself within a few calls when used in USA & Canada
» Roams in over 200 Countries on 550+ Networks
» Huge savings world wide when roaming - inc. USA & Canada