changing the world by His word. (Mark 16:15)

  The Prophecy

2014 PROPHECY Introduction

Year 2014 is a year of manifestation of Divine will.

Glory and adoration to God Almighty for this wonderful revelation beyond human imagination.

Divine Ark is a ministry that heaven build by spiritual inclination.  The word of God establish it clearly that whe3re there is no prophecy my people perish ____________

God told me two years ago that he will not pass through our beloved country without telling His Servant.  He always give us insight into what will happen in the following year.

During our yearly crusade that lead us into 2014, with Fervent prayers, heaven open.  He said all  what he says concerning 2013 came to pass.  He said he will take us out of monopoly of one party state.  God said that there will be crack in PDP and it came to pass.

God open my eyes in 2012 see flood and also warned against political and economic melt down.. God is an awesome.


1.      Oh Lord, every battle of curse ground where my mother delivered me htat has now become a demonic entry into my life, die in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.  Isaiah 49 vs 25.

2       God Almighty, God of Divine Ark on the day my mother delivered me in travails, she release water and blood by this authority, the evil woman that sat on my 2014 destiny and Divine will of God for my life fall down and die, psalm 20.

3       My God, the woman of affliction that afflicted my life for the past seven years, come out, dance naked and die in Jesus name Amen.

4       Jesus Christ 7 most high God, God of vengeance. I cry out of desert the authority that send me into desert die in the might name of Jesus.  (Jeremiah 2 vs 3-6).

5       Holy Ghost 3 God of Divine Ark, God of Divine will, as many that rise against the perfection of your will for my 2014 glory, scatter, catch fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

6       Living God, Holy spirit the blood of crisis that I collected from my mother on the day she deliver me. I cancel and nullify you by the authority of God, Heaven set me free. Amen.

7       Host of heaven, those that have an insight  into my life history and encompass me so that your will, will not be fulfilled heaven cast sorrow upon them, scatter and die by fire in Jesus name.


  1. The country will experience a tremendous change in our economic system that will give room for the rich to become richer.
  1. Out of frustration due to the deterioration of people condition of living, fake prophet will be on increase (Mathew 24 vs 5).
  1. In 2014 Nigeria will come back to do or die politic. There will be ethnic rivalry war on resource control.
  1. 2014 is a year that God will visit the political class that put God own country in this present economic predicament.
  1. 2014 is a year of radical change.
  1.  There will be shake up in the presidency.  The upper house and the lower house will rise against the executive.
  1. The sorrow of prayer less Christian will multiply.  Many will relocate
  1. God said that there will be mysterious death among the powerful and popular Nigerian.
  1. We should fast in February against auto and plane crash because is a yar of vengeance.
  1. Those that believe in efficacy of prayers and do the will of God will experience the manifestation of Divine will of God in their Endeavour.
  1. There will be a serious unhealthy competition among spiritualist.  People will go spiritual than ever.
  1. Corruption dubious intelligent will increase.
  1. God will visit many aged barren women, there will be miracle of how managed. Says the Lord of Host.
  1. The antagonistic of Divine Ark will die in march 2014.
  1. Many members of Divine Ark will prosper.
  1. The unmarried will marry to the glory of God.
  1. Many internet marriages will experience broken home.
  1. The hidden secret that the top political class has been masquarading in matter that has to do with the present social-economy political deterioration of our beloved country will be exposed in 2014.
  1. The Ministry will experience radical Divine favour and increase.
  1. As many that will locate Divine Ark will come out of spiritual attack.
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