changing the world by His word. (Mark 16:15)
  All About DASAGOM Ministry

The ministry was founded 8 years ago under an uncompleted building in Ajaguna Street of Igando, Egan – Lagos. Then I was a minister of God in Foursquare Gospel Ministry.

The vision that led to the journey of Divine Ark started when I fell into a trance for three days. Within these 3 days, my wife travelled, no one knew I was in-door. God gave me the name of the ministry and the zeal of the ministry. This great experience and encounter with the Almighty God brings into lime light the great vision called DIVINE ARK OF SALVATION GOSPEL MINISTRY.

The three days encounter with God brought about strange happenings to the extent that the electrical gadgets in compound I lived then at Akesan stop functioning. I heard a voice and Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry was written in a circle with green zeal and crown by rainbow colours in heaven. Similar revelation was also revealed to my wife that travelled concerning the ministry.

We left Foursquare Gospel Ministry to start the ministry. The comprehensive write up on the revelation is in my book “HOW I COME ACROSS DIVINE ARK”.

By the special grace of God, while we were still in an uncompleted building, God demonstrated His supernatural power beyond human imagination as in healing and deliverance. Through the intervention of God, we were given a landed property after 2 years in Ajaguna Street, at number 11, Iwalesin Street, Egan Lagos. The ministry have touches many souls.

I was trained and ordained by Rev. John Iyindu of Holy Ghost World Bible College before I joined Foursquare Gospel Ministry.

Trough the leadings of the Holy Spirit, God gave me the mandate to train and ordain ministers to work in the vineyard of God. The Divine Ark which also was included in our incorporation certificate. This mandate from God gave birth to Divine Ark of Salvation Theological College.


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