changing the world by His word. (Mark 16:15)
  DASAGOM Mission & Vision

The mission of the ministry is to evangelise and propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the uttermost part of the world. We are to add value to the society and build a nation that glorify God by the reason of my calling as a born prophet with the support of the members and well wishers of DIVINE ARK.

We center our mission on evangelizing 42 million souls that will make heaven as a visionary. In order to attain this goal, I am working with seven ministers of God, people of like mind that share the same philosophical reasoning with me and believe in the calling.

By the special grace of God, we are all full of vision. What a great commission.

The vision of the ministry is to eradicate poverty, sickness, oppressions and to stop the powers of darkness from dominating and tormenting our generation. Through the light of God, we are taking over. Amen.

Your willingness to know more of Christ is to be ready to work for God in the area of your calling so as to fulfill your purpose in Life. As you join hands with us in this great commission, the presence of God will not depart from you.

God bless

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